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Corporate governance is a core business issue. Regulatory authorities, potential investors and buyers look at how you deal with risk, divide your labour and manage statutory and ethical compliance. Good corporate governance includes:

  • Clear stakeholder/shareholder management
  • Understanding the duties of directors under The Companies Act 2006
  • Complying with the Combined Code on Corporate Governance
  • Having suitable terms of reference for board committees (audit, remuneration for example)
  • Utilising appropriate shareholder agreements
  • Using director’s service contracts
  • Providing non-executive director letters of appointment

Corporate governance also includes the housekeeping that all businesses must undertake. At VHenry&Co we can manage all compliance matters and stakeholder management. We give you the space you need to focus on the value drivers for your business.

Company Secretarial

We provide company secretarial services and can assist you in avoiding, where possible, the overheads associated with having staff dedicated to company secretarial work.

We will ensure that statutory and regulatory obligations are being met on a timely basis. We will support your board and executive, as necessary, in interpreting and implementing law and regulation, including:

  • The Companies Act 2006
  • The Combined Code on Corporate Governance
  • EU Corporate Governance Regulation

Making sure that your business is well run is critical. Outsourcing the administration of your company secretarial responsibilities and making sure that you adopt and maintain the very best standards of corporate governance, saves time and allows you to concentrate on growing your business.